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Encouraging Healing, Responsibility and Accountability

Among Parents

Our 40 Class Curriculum service is focused on helping parents heal, take responsibility and be accountable for their family dynamics. Through our range of classes, we provide parents with the tools and techniques to create meaningful connections with their children and to develop positive, healthy relationships with their community. We strived to create a life-altering opportunity utilizing God's laws for the family, while teaching the difference between family and government.

According to the Bible, the number 40 represents preparation. We've designed a 40 class curriculum tailored to the six areas of a person's life. These classes will help you heal your family tree and pass the fruit of your labor to your children! However, you can also take our classes individually. Maybe you just need a goals class to get you on your way or a budgeting class to help you get your financial house in order.  

If you decide to take the full 40 class curriculum, our Introduction Class will prompt you to take one class per week as you will be utilizing a Behavior Tracker and a Behavior Changer each week, for 40 weeks! However, you can go as fast or as slow as you need and at the end awaits a certification in a healthier you! No matter what class or classes you decide to take, you are provided an instructional video to help you navigate through the course. You will find our classes powerful, life changing and easy to navigate! 

Breaking Cycles, LLC welcomes you to this journey. We are praying that it encourages and strengthens you in responsibility and accountability in parenting and life in general! Let's get started!

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