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Glean From Your Trials

The Open Door

~A true story on how one person broke the generational cycles of fatherlessness, dysfunction and abuse~
Have you ever wondered how in the world your family tree looks more like a thorn bush rather than something that flurishes and passes down good fruit? Have you ever noticed that in the last few generations, dysfunction, chaos, addiction and abuse are on the rise? I certainly did. So I went searching, and my journey took me back to my great grandmother. It is no wonder why God warns us about sin. It is like a canker disease that attacks not just one tree but the entire orchard.

I wanted to stop this deadly cycle from affecting my children and their children to come. However, what I found was not always easy to hear. What I found was dark, cold and painful. Yet discovering family truths helped me to find compassion and forgiveness for all that I went through as a child. Then, the Truth helped me rebuild "those places long devastated", gain peace and have a healthy existence.

My journey led me to the simple realization that the Truth will set you free. I hope and pray that by reading my story, it will help you break and mend your own generational wounds. I pray that you will use my testimony to open new doors to healing and shut those that do not serve, but lead to despair. Breaking cycles is not an easy thing to do. This is especially true when the behavior and mentality that have been passed down has become our comfort zone. This is why God's Word is the light to our path, even in the darkest of places.
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 ......But he said, "on the contrary, blessed are those who hear the Word of Yah, and keep it."

Acts 5:29

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