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Empowering Change

Deana Cerniglia was born and raised by a teen mother and abandoned by her father. Through her trials and obstacles, God has given her a passion to help others break generational cycles that can continually be passed down and become more powerful with each generation.  
With a degree in Psychology, minor in Sociology and her Masters in Special Education, Cerniglia taught emotionally disturbed, inner-city high school students where her passion for educating and showing people ‘a better way’, began. When Deana became a mother and a wife, God placed on her heart a need to write a parenting book on healing your past, before you pass it down to your children. This lead to launching a nonprofit, The Open Door, Breaking Family Cycles for young, single parents. 
Through her passion for community involvement and charitable efforts, Cerniglia ran the program for over 10 years. The Open Door/Breaking Family Cycles, LLC helped young parents break cycles of fatherlessness and poverty through mentoring and effective curriculum. Now, with her book, and her curriculum she designed from working with impoverished, fatherless homes, she is able to reach outside of her community and share how God helps heal the past and usher in stability, peace and hope.

Father being engaged with his son.
Mother reading to her daughter.

Despite Challenges

Despite the challenges of launching a nonprofit, the program successfully took off, with its first graduating class being a remarkable accomplishment. However, societal shifts and changes in cultural norms led to a decline in participation in accountability programs where education and changes in dysfunctional behavior are a requirement. 

In response, she adapted her strategies, focusing on online courses and building curricula for various groups, including incarcerated parents, chemically dependent parents, parents looking to change and teen parents. Our courses are based on the principles of Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), promoting personal responsibility and encouraging healthier choices.

We believe that our courses and programs, backed by our dedication and commitment, can make a significant impact on society. We look forward to a future of continued service and growth and thank all our supporters for their invaluable contributions to our mission.

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