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Breaking Cycles

Two Generations at a Time!

Welcome to Breaking Cycles, LLC, a pioneer in parenting education dedicated to transforming lives through our tailored life skills, utilizing God's laws for our lives and an evidence based format called REBT. The 40 classes are designed to help in six lifeskill goal areas of everyone's life:

1. Health Goals

2. Emotional/Social Goals

3. Personal (includes Parenting) Goals

4. Spiritual Goals

5. Financial/Legal Goals

6. Education/Career Goals

We understand that society's fabric is influenced by the family unit's stability, just as a healthy tree is essential for a thriving orchard. It's our mission to help you break free from generational cycles of dysfunction and abuse that you may otherwise pass down to your children. It is our mission that this journey will lead you and your children toward a brighter, healthier future, which leads to a healthier community in return. The 40 class curriculum is designed for individuals, nonprofits, home schooling, clinics, prisons and programs that tailor a curriculum that matches the needs of the participant/facility.

Our journey begins with acknowledging the uncomfortable truths about our family history. It may be a challenging journey, filled with darkness and pain, but it's the first step towards understanding, forgiveness, and breaking free from the comfortable zone of dysfunction.

The path to change can leave you feeling isolated and filled with doubt. However, we assure you that staying strong, learning healthier choices and redefining yourself is not impossible. The rewards are powerful, eternal, and worth every struggle.

Our books and courses are designed to guide you through your journey, providing you with the tools you need to break free from past cycles. As you engage with our resources, you'll discover how you can open doors to wisdom, discernment, and healing, regardless of prior experiences of fatherlessness or abuse.

Join us at Breaking Cycles, LLC, and let's build a healthier, stronger community, two generations at a time!

Mother and Daughter
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